About us

What is VincoIT about?

VincoIT is about helping you reach your goals, to overcome your competition and to get the most out of your website.

From our experience with building WordPress websites, we know our way around the marketplace, whether it are free or premium plugins. We know what is missing or what is not good enough, we are striving to fill up the gap and we want to freshen up the marketplace with our modern style.

Our focus now lies on helping you and your website with WordPress plugins. Of course as the world wide web evolves we evolve with it. Wherever we see possibilities to help people reach their goals, we will be there.

Who are behind VincoIT?

We are three young, motivated and determined developers, located in The Netherlands. We go by the names of Rick Standaert, Gianni Brouwers and Martijn Bakker. Each having similar working/learning backgrounds but with different specialties, forming a solid and creative team. 

Useful information

Contact us here or at info@vincoit.com

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