Corona virus business opportunities

March 21, 2020
corona business opportunities

With crisis comes opportunity. This is the time to act! Everywhere around you there are new business opportunities or idea’s popping up. Don’t be the one claiming the couch and Netflix during the corona virus (COVID 19) lockdown (Latest updates regarding the virus).

First off I would like to say that I am no health expert nor an pandemic analist. What I will share with you is information about what I have seen happening around me regarding business opportunities during the last weeks and what I have learned from it.

Corona products

I know, I know, these are not actual corona products but lets give them this name for now. I’m talking about the products where really is a run on these past weeks, those that have popped up on your socials as advertisements, the ones you could not not have read about. Of course we have the toiletpaper, the hand soaps, monitors, tv’s, home gym equipment, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Corona opportunities

Let’s talk about the last one of the corona products I just listed and take it as an example. During the lockdown in many countries gyms are either closed or you are simple not allowed to leave the house with a reason like going to the gym. An example of taking good advantage of this situation, I have seen many instagram advertisements of resistance bands and free weights. Also on youtube there is an absolute load of online trainers posting video’s of how to perform the best home workout.

Now this doesn’t limit to the sports or health industry of course. Whatever sector you are working in, find those opportunities. Provide video classes, tutorials, courses, webinars for anything you can help people with from your expertise. Selling coupons can also be a way of keeping your income somewhat on track during these times.

Stay productive

Like I said in the intro, don’t be a couch potato during these weeks. Of course you can take your time to relax, but try to stay productive. And not necessarily in the term of keep cashflow. If you are not in the position to start an online course or any of the above listed options, try to work on yourself!

Read some books, Do those chores that have been pushed forward for weeks. Follow an online course where you usually don’t have the time for. Do something. This way it will be way easier to get yourself up and running when this pandemic is over.