How to get feedback for your website

April 11, 2020
Website feedback, review.

Gathering feedback, why is it important? What are the best ways to easily get feedback for your website? What if you want to spend the least possible amount of time getting this feedback?

Why should I get feedback for my website?

Feedback or reviews generate change and gives a sense of purpose. Feedback creates motivation to do better. For all this to work the feedback has to be honest and clear of course, but this is up to the user. What you can do though is make it as easy as possible for the user to leave feedback.

Something important though, it is the best practise to make the review experience as smooth and clear as possible for the user. This will result in the most useful feedback.

The best ways to get feedback for your website

There is no best way that fits for everyone. It all depends on what kind of feedback you want. Do you want a full on review or is a small feedback message all you need? Feedback can be received in many different ways. There are on page surveys, feedback widgets, extensive forms, online tools and communities or you can send emails to your target audience.

Luckily there is something out there for everyone. We have made a small selection below.

Woorank is a free online platform where you can review your page and get many SEO/performance insights.
For an extensive review of your website you can visit:

Feedback Company provides many different options for your users to leave feedback. You also have the possibility to showcase them on your website.

Of course the well-known Hotjar is more than just a feedback tool, but can be used to do just that. Do keep in mind that this is a large tool.

UserTesting is an online platform. You can get your product or website tested by real users and get extensive honest feedback.

LiveChat could also be an option to have direct conversation with your users and ask for feedback.

This list would not be complete without a little plug of our very own VIT Website Reviews. A quick and easy way for your users to leave feedback and many ways of analyzing the data for you. User data can be found in graphics, cards and lists. Checking the submitter origin as one of the prime features!


As you can see there are many different ways of getting feedback for your website. Just keep in mind what kind of feedback you are exactly looking for. When you have a clear view of that, then make your choice.