Learn how to code

March 14, 2020

Whether you are already fully operational in the web development sector or you are still following a study, you will always need to learn (new) code languages. Because the world of development is constantly evolving at a huge pace you will need to evolve with it. Thankfully there are many platforms which can help you learn how to code. Some entirely free, some free with some paid courses but most of them come in paid form with a free trail period. Below a small list in no specific order to get you started.

10 code learning websites

  • Codecademy
    Codecademy provides loads of free high quality courses. Pro version gives you the opportunity to dive deeper in the lots of languages they have to offer, starting from $17,50/month.
  • Team Treehouse
    TeamTreehouse provides a free 7 days trail starting at $25,-/ month. Over 300 courses available!
  • Free Code Camp¬†
    Over 1800 hours of free courses!
  • The Odin Project¬†
    Provides a free full stack curriculum with a huge community having your back!
  • Udemy
    When it comes to courses, Udemy is on top. Many different topics and languages can be learned through this platform. Huge discounts are available on a regular basis.
  • Scotch
    Many free courses available on this inspirational and modern platform. From CSS to Angular JS, the offer is large.
  • MarkSheet
    Minimal but effective. The place to quickly get a hang of HTML, CSS and a bit of Sass.
  • Pluralsight
    Pluralsight provides a free 10 days trail starting at $26,-/ month. Many different courses, vary from software code languages to cybersecurity.
  • Learn-js
    Loads of information and exercises. Different domain for every code language, all from one platform.
  • Conquering the Command Line
    Free only book to learn the command line into perfection.

Would you like to see your platform in this list? Don’t hesitate to contact us!