Website Reviews plugin update (2.0)

August 3, 2020

In this short blog post I will talk about the Website Reviews plugin update 2.0 which is available right now.

Large structural change

Now this is something we have been dwelling on since the start of our Website Reviews plugin… shortcodes! Our plugin used to be injected everywhere by default. At the time we thought this was the best way and we also really wanted to get our plugin on the market a.s.a.p. By now we came to the realised that it was time for some improvement.

Time for the shortcode

Yes, we figured it was time for this step. As of now we offer two options. You can paste the shortcode on any post or page of choice and the Website Reviews form will only be shown on this location. And you can check the box: ‘Enable shortcode globally’. This will show the Website Reviews form everywhere.

Giving you the control of where to show the form improves the usability of our plugin big time. Replacing our previous way of injecting should also be good for preventing bugs and conflicts with other plugins! All in all a solid version 2.0.

Future Website Reviews plugin updates

Besides supporting the plugin and doing some bugfixing here and there, one of our next updates will contain the following:

  • New visual appeal for submit popup

Want to check out all current features? You can find themĀ here.

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