Why you should build a custom WordPress theme

May 4, 2020
WordPress custom themes

It sometimes is a hard choice to make. Choosing between building a custom WordPress theme or getting one from the WordPress theme markets. We think you should build a custom WordPress theme because it’s your best option. Continue reading if you want to know why.

Downsides of bought WordPress themes

Most people already know the pro’s of bought WordPress themes. Since there are so many, you will something you like easily. You don’t have to think about the design and most of them are fairly modern. A lot of them also contain some unique features, they get regular updates and are overall easy customized. The downsides of bought WordPress themes shouldn’t be forgotten though.

High risk

There are absolutely zero guarantees your theme provider will continue support forever. It may just happen that your website is running steady for a year and they stop supporting, stop updating and maintaining the theme. You are stuck with an unsecure website after a while. This is a high risk to take when you want a reliable website.

Loading speed

Your theme developer may have added a set of plugins or other features to make things more interesting. To make it sell more easily. Downside of this is your loading speed will increase drastically.


Many theme providers work with varying pricing for their themes. Therefore you should check before hand if your theme of choice has all features you want to pay for. Also themes some themes are quite expensive. Buying several themes for more projects can wear out your budget.

Getting used to all features

When buying a theme it is obvious you are less familiar with it. It will take more time to getting used to all features. You will probably make some mistakes or not using your theme the best way you could.


You should always check the support department of your theme provider. It may just happen that your theme has some bugs. Some small bugs may not be a problem, but a large bug can really mess things up. Though It doesn’t matter when your theme provider does not answer your support requests you are screwed anyway.

Custom WordPress themes

Yes custom theme development may be more technical, but if you have basic coding knowledge it is not that hard. And of course WordPress has its own Theme Handbook you can walk through. When creating your custom theme, try keeping it as basic as possible. This way you can easily use it again for new websites and customize it. Your code base

Next up, some pros of custom WordPress themes.

More options to be unique

A unique online precense is of high importance. Using a custom WordPress theme makes this easier. You can re-use your custom theme and customize it for every project. You can easily give every client or project a unique design and stand out.

Avoid the cons bought themes have

Using a custom theme you can avoid the cons the bought WordPress themes have. You can avoid a feature overload, you can avoid slow loading speeds. You do not have to pay any money for your custom theme. The only cost you have is time.


You are the one maintaining your themes, You can find solutions to your problems. You are responsible and you are not dependent of some theme provider you don’t know. Maintaining is also easier, you know every bit of your custom theme because you put it together. Bugs will also be easier solved.

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