Are you really getting the most out of your website?

Vit Website Reviews plugin lets your visitors rate and comment on your website. Those reviews can be found back in the admin panel so you know exactly what people think about your website, what they like, and what needs some work.

Without the Vit Website Reviews plugin you will lose this valuable information you can use to optimize your website. One of our most promising premium features is an advanced localization technology to view the country of the sender. You can use this information to target and really get the most out of your visitors.

Example: You have a website and this website is in the English language. After a while you see the reviews coming in, but when you check the submitters’ origins arount 20% is German, or any other foreign country for that matter. This may be the moment to add a translation option to your website to support the concerned language and improve the connection to your visitors!

Check out all the features below!

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Installation guide:

Free plan

  • Basic dashboard and statistics
  • Option to leave a review with comment
  • Choosing the button location
  • Custom Feedback label text
  • Custom form intro text
  • Custom confirmation & thankyou message
  • Detailed list view of all received reviews
  • Beautiful, user friendly card view of all received reviews
  • Session based review lock technology
  • Disable on mobile devices function

Premium Plan

  • All free features
  • Cookie based review lock technology
  • Advanced localization technology to view the country of the sender
  • Advanced Dashboard and statistics
  • Custom colors for the slide-out form
  • Premium support
Monthly: $4.49
Annual: $47.88
Lifetime: $149.99


Log in to your WordPress site, click on plugins in the menu bar. Select “Add New” from the top of the page. Type “Vit Website Reviews” in the search box. Click “Install Now”, and then wait for the plugin to be installed. Activate the plugin.

With Cookie based lock technology we lock them in through cookies. Meaning they cannot post reviews anymore for 7 days after posting a review. No matter whether they close the browser or even shut down the computer, they will need to wait those full 7 days.

Our review lock technology prevents people from sending out multiple reviews.
With Session based lock technology we lock their session in. However, a website session ends when the web browser gets closed by the end user so when they open up a new web browser they can send reviews again.

For free users the FAQ should suffice. If not then upgrading to premium is necessary.

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